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Helping the non-profit community on the mid-Peninsula & advancing transit-oriented development in local cities.

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Walther Community Consulting is the retirement engine of Clem Molony. Mr. Molony was a senior manager in Silicon Valley and local industry for 30+ years. He has worked on boards of directors for decades, and is broadly networked in southern San Mateo and Utah County.

Two main efforts drive his current work
• Helping the non-profit community on the mid-Peninsula
• Advancing transit-oriented development in local cities

Fundraising and board development:

Walther Consulting has skill in helping non-profit boards reach their mission, through coaching on fundraising basics and effective board development.

City planning participation:

A reasoned voice for 20 years in both Redwood City’s and Menlo Park’s public planning meetings and development proposals, including written response to planning documents and newspaper OpEds. 


  • Redwood City Library Foundation
  • Sustainable San Mateo County
  • Community Nursing Services
  • Free at Last (addiction-recovery program)
  • City Trees (Redwood City).

Email: clemolony@msn.com